Sports Photography

Whether you’re looking for individual, team, or action shots, Harlan will ensure that each photograph taken captures the spirit of the game. Forget the generic, boring photos usually utilized for sporting events and team shots – players deserve dynamic, thrilling shots that render as much liveliness as the game itself.


Individual and Family Portraits

While portraits can be a source of stress (particularly those family photos), your daunting search for a skilled photographer ends here. With a unique eye that allows personalities to come to the forefront of each photo, Harlan ensures that the essence of individuals or families is captured, and that you are able to treasure these images for years to come.


Looking for stand out photographs of your next event? Whether a concert, performance, or wedding, Harlan will capture the best, most memorable moments for you and your loved ones to hold onto. A quality event photo is hard more than just a snapshot; it’s the preservation of a fleeting, marvelous moment, and every photo Harlan takes is sure to freeze that wonderful moment in time.

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